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Master Planning

Master Planning is the preparation of planning frameworks for the core systems shaping Client’s water infrastructure in the context of the technical, physical, social, environmental, and economic future in a climate change resilient manner. Master planning focuses on an integrated management approach of deltas, is content based and driven by water.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies assess the feasibility of an initiative in the technical, economic, financial, social, and environmental context. Stakeholders are actively involved within the feasibility assessment process, which allows for the adaptation of an initiative, based on the views of the community. The level of descriptions is sufficient for investors and developers to consider the initial design feasibility. The Feasibility Studies are supported by hydro-morphological mathematical modelling, transport modelling, economic Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) -modelling, application of CAD and GIS tools.

Detailed Design

The Detailed Design Services typically include preparation of design drawings, calculation sheets and reports, technical specifications, bill of quantities, FIDIC based tender documents and tender procedures. The type of designs can range from riverbank protections, coastal protection schemes, embankments, hydraulic structure, dredging solutions to breakwaters, navigation access channels. Inland waterway transport systems and beach nourishment. The design process is supported by hydro-morphological mathematical modelling, transport modelling, adaptive design principles and probabilistic approaches and the application of CAD and GIS tools.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance summarises Services which require specific integrated and innovative approaches to assist Clients in moving forward. Typical examples are development of new concepts and approaches, integration of technical and non-technical challenges, nature-based solutions, Research and Development, application of embedded information technology and development of Big Data solutions and Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s). The Technical Assistance services are supported by hydro-morphological mathematical modelling, transport modelling, economic Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) -modelling, and the application of CAD,GIS and visualization tools

Project Management

Delta Context can provide project management for integrated and complex infrastructural projects aligned with the international institutional setting. Senior Staff has proven experience with Clients around the world and global investors, international financing institutions and developers in providing Project Management Services. These services also include supervision of implementation of civil works.

Water Management

Water Management is very much related to the development of delta plans with the aim of providing strategic investments plans to enhance resilience in deltaic areas. Water Management is very much driven by water and aims to support livelihood improvement.