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Our Services and Disciplines

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Our Services and Disciplines

We are very professional and constructive at our services.

Our water driven services include Master Planning, Detailed Design, Project Management, Feasibility studies, Technical Assistance.

Our services are centred around essential disciplines that play a crucial role in building a resilient future:

1. Design and implementation of coastal and river protection measures, combined with nature-based solutions

Delta Context is at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions to address natural hazards like cyclones, floods, and erosion along coastal areas. Following a system engineering approach, we focus on design and implementation of coastal protection measures tailored to the natural dynamics and requirements of each area. Our expertise extends to leading numerical modelling studies considering join probabilities of events, which guide the design of coastal protection. The optimal design strikes a balance between costs, functionality, available materials, and environmental and social context.

A notable aspect of our approach involves combining traditional coastal protection measures with nature-based solutions (NbS). While NbS may not always replace hard infrastructure entirely, their integration into hybrid solutions optimizes material requirements, reduces CO2 emissions, and enhances the resilience of coastal protection schemes. Delta Context has studied various NbS and hybrid solution applications in the context of South and Southeast Asia, including mangrove restoration and afforestation, sand engine concepts for different environments, and dredging to enhance natural dynamics for erosion reduction.

Our key staff recently led the design, implementation, and construction supervision of over 400 km of dikes, 40 km of slope and bank protection works, and more than 100 drainage structures in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Additionally, we have been actively involved in preparing detailed designs for a significant number of coastal protection measures in Bangladesh, incorporating multiple design optimizations, including the integration of NbS. Beyond these projects, Delta Context continues its engagement in conceptual and feasibility studies for coastal protection.

Delta Context also focuses on river training projects that enhance navigability and control erosion, ensuring sustainable water management. Our involvement in consulting on dredging projects further contributes to maintaining optimal water depths in rivers which is also linked to our “2. Inland waterway transport and logistics” discipline.

2. Flood risk management for urban and rural areas: climate change adaptation

In the face of escalating flooding concerns exacerbated by climate change, Delta Context specializes in comprehensive flood risk assessment and management in the context of urban and rural environments. The growing threat of flooding necessitates a holistic approach to address the multifaceted challenges posed by changing environmental conditions.

In the urban context, Delta Context strategically focuses on drainage infrastructure, integrating Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI). BGI are recognized internationally for managing urban water challenges while providing multiple co-benefits. Cities worldwide are transitioning from centralized grey infrastructure to decentralized facilities using BGI, enhancing resilience against environmental threats. Our attention extends to flood risk assessment in rural environments, particularly addressing vulnerabilities of rural poor and disadvantaged communities in South and Southeast Asia. Utilizing results from numerical models to define storm surge levels and wave characteristics, we assess flood risk and select interventions to maintain acceptable risk levels, based on a multi-layered safety approach.

Our approach encompasses an understanding of topography, catchments, dynamics, land use, and ultimately identification of flood risk hotspots. In-house developed flood risk modelling tools enable us to simulate potential impacts under various scenarios, forming a robust basis for informed decision-making in close collaboration with the stakeholders and the Client.

Leveraging a comprehensive understanding of flood risk, Delta Context specializes in identifying diverse solutions for integrated flood risk management. Our expertise extends to developing climate change adaptation strategies that integrate multiple disciplines, including hydraulic engineering, landscape design, urban planning, ecology, and socio-economics. In pursuit of these objectives, Delta Context formulates adaptive roadmaps aligned with Adaptive Delta Management guidelines.

Delta Context has recently undertaken a coastal flood risk assessment in the coastal, predominantly rural regions of Bangladesh. Furthermore, our active involvement extends to urban flooding, with integrated flood risk management initiatives in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Thu Duc, Vietnam.

3. Inland waterway transport and logistics.

The global shift from road transport to environmental friendly inland waterway transport is increasingly recognized as a critical trend for sustainable and efficient logistics. Inland waterways offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative, mitigating road congestion, minimizing carbon emissions, and enhancing overall transportation resilience. This trend holds particular significance for South Asia and Southeast Asia, where the challenges of rapid urbanization and population growth strain traditional road infrastructure. Delta Context therefore focuses on Inland waterway transport as part of an integrated system involving waterways, navigational aids, ports, fleets, institutional frameworks, within the socio-economic context.

Delta Context has ample experience in inland waterway transport and offers consulting services for optimizations of the network, both in terms of infrastructural improvements but also in relation to logistics, driven by the actual capacity of the waterway system and the demand. Delta Context has developed in-house transport modelling tools.