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Nalian Closure successfully implemented under CEIP Phase 1

Construction of Nalian Closure has been an important milestone for the Coastal Embankment Improvement Project, Phase -1, (CEIP-1). The hard work of the team, Royal HaskoningDHV, DevCon, DPM, IWM and DHI where Key Staff of Delta Context is also involved with the role of Team Leader, has paid off! Of course, this could have not be accomplished without the significant contribution of the Contracor, the polder community, local leaders and last but not least BWDB representatives.

The Closure is located in Polder 32 across Nalian River in Upazila Dacope, District Khulna of Southwestern Coast of Bangladesh and its purpose is to allow Nalian River to return the Polder-32 again to the state as it was before AILA. Closing the Nalian River was performed in February 17, 2020, after extensive analysis of the local conditions, hydraulic and geotechnical designs, leading the detailed designs.

Nalian River is a major tidal channel in Polder 32 and its’ closing was a challenging task, including several geotechnical risks. Several materials were used for construction, among which geo-textile, bamboo grill, geo-bags, wooden bullah piles, earth, CC-blocks.

The final closing was the most critical part of the closure dam construction. The Nalian River was successfully closed at 11.37 AM on 17th February 2020 when the riverside water level was (-) 0.29 new mPWD with the accomplishment of a milestone target of the Coastal Embankment Improvement Project, Phase-1, (CEIP-1). There were hundreds of enthusiastic Polder residents gathered at the site to assist and observe the river closing.

Immediately after closing of the channel, the dam was strengthened by dumping earth filled gunny bags on both sides to prevent any leakage or piping.

The progress of the work is presented in the following pictures.