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Why Apply at
Delta Context?

Delta Context’s ‘driven by water’ approach, genuinely drives us to seek for adaptive solutions which are the most suitable from the coastal, riverine and deltaic communities’ perspectives, the environment and their socio-economic setting. We are committed to finding effective solutions while at the same time putting forward modern tools and innovative approaches in a flexible and interactive manner, paving the road to a more sustainable future.

Our focus in the international water arena, particularly in Africa and South-East Asia with emphasis on water related projects in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Myanmar, enables working on exciting cultural settings, strengthening communication skills with Clients, stakeholders and partners, and most importantly applying the water related knowledge in development of innovative concepts, which can have an real impact in the livelihood of vulnerable communities’.

We are eager to expand our team around the following disciplines: Hydraulic Engineering, Coastal Engineering, River Engineering, Ports & Waterways or Water Resource Management. Skills in numerical modelling software, GIS, CAD and/or other design tools are much appreciated. Some of the envisaged tasks of our team members is problem assessment towards innovative solutions, technical calculations, numerical modelling, reporting, business development, client contacts as well as preparatory works for projects such as elaboration of proposals.

The members of our team can get a ground floor of our vision, while conveying the eagerness and appetite for coasts, rivers, deltas and other water related services in their work. The impact of every employee to the company will be signified by taking significant responsibilities and at the same time, willingness to travel abroad for shorter and longer assignment period. 

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