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Why You Apply at
Delta Context?

Delta Context B.V. is an engineering consultancy firm operating in the international water arena of deltas, coasts, rivers, water management, ports and waterway transport. It is based in the Netherlands and has focus and key staff experience in particularly Africa and South-East Asia with emphasis on water related projects in Bangladesh. Key staff of Delta Context B.V. has been working in around the world since early nineties and worked for National Governments, private sector and funding agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and Dutch Government. Delta Context B.V. is driven by water and providing embedded solutions to Clients and Stakeholders within the context of both the physical and socio-economic context.

Delta Context B.V. started in May 2020 and is gradually extending the Team. More information on our work can be found at

In connection to expanding the Team, Delta Context B.V. now has vacancies for a Project Engineer with a MSc. Degree in Hydraulic Engineering, Coastal Engineering, River Engineering, Ports & Waterways or Water Resource Management. More information about this vacancy is summarized here below.