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Integrating Climate Resilience in the Water Sector

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Integrating Climate Resilience in the Water Sector


Asian Development Bank


Asia and the Pacific (Georgia)


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The Technical Assistance will enhance water sector DMC stakeholders’ awareness and capacity in climate-resilient policy making and investment planning. Counterparts in line agencies, utilities, local bodies, as well as planning and finance ministries will be supported through workshops/seminars/trainings to build capacity, create an enabling environment and improve absorptive capacity to: (i) balance water-related investment and infrastructure needs against future risks and consideration of climate investment options; (ii) enhance access to climate finance; (iii) promote collaboration between stakeholders; (iv) develop climate strategies and policies by fully addressing environmental and climate change considerations; (v) integrate hard infrastructure investments with improved policy making and governance; (vi) promote environmental sustainability and “soft” interventions such as NbS; (vii) promote water-energy-food nexus; (viii) promote institutional reforms in agencies; (ix) create institutional and cross-sectoral incentives for climate-resilient projects; and (x) create development policies and projects that promote full adaptation investments.

The assignment focuses on providing the required technical inputs under any of the four Outputs as part of ADB’s mainstreaming water resilience strategy in the Asia and the Pacific region. The scope of works includes climate change, digitalization, WASH and capacity building/hub support on projects preparation, capacity building support to ADB staff/IAs/EAs, advice on water entity reforms, water security, resilience advice, etc. More specifically, the scope includes, among others, support towards the identification and preparation of projects as part of the project “Coastal resilience and urban climate adaptation in Georgia” and with a specific focus on resilient road infrastructures. The identified projects should look at investments both in the short and medium-term horizon and addressing both coastal (flooding and erosion) and inland (fluvial and pluvial) hazards and the possible climate change effects.

Expected period of involvement of Delta Context in this specific project:  November 2022 – April 2023

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