Coastal Resilience Project

Coastal Resilience Project

Name of the Project

Coastal Resilience Component 3

Developing New and Innovative Approaches in Bangladesh. Component 3: Operationalizing Knowledge into Ongoing Projects on Investments in Coastal Resilience in Bangladesh: Developing Concept Solutions for Coastal Erosion


World Bank/World Bank




CDR International, Deltares, Institute for Water Modelling

Project Information


The Technical Assistance is developing innovative and integrated concept designs for future investments in the coastal areas of Bangladesh with specific emphasis on coastal erosion to further enhance the coastal resilience and reduce risk. The Consultancy Services contribute to the reducing the knowledge gap on how to prepare and implement innovative coastal erosion solutions to increase the resilience along the coast in Bangladesh, showcase of innovative and integrated designs of possible coastal erosion solutions for three hotspots based on comprehensive coastal assessment for different climate change and growth scenarios and provide recommendations to improve the enabling environment for innovative coastal erosion solutions are being discussed by decision-makers in Bangladesh.

Period of involvement of Delta Context: May 2020 ongoing

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